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AES Crypt is a reliable and free file protection software created for cross platforms. It uses the industry-standard encryption AES-256 which is believed to be extremely powerful and secure if you use secure and lengthy password.

AES Crypt Download 64bit

After you download and install this software, it will simply place itself in your system right-click menu under “AES Encrypt” option when you hover a file you want to “protect”.

When you set up the password, an additional encrypted file with its own file extension (AES) is created. You can store this file anywhere you want, or simply remove an un-protected one if you wish only to use this one instead – just do not forget the password. It is impossible to recover the contents of an encrypted file if the password is lost.

Unfortunately, this software does not support folder password protection. If you want, you can simply create a folder archive and password-protect it via this software.

You can also easily decrypt an encrypted file by using the same method, only this time choose the “AES Decrypt” while right-clicking on that AES file – simple as that. Encryption/Decryption highly depends on the file size and your CPU power.

AES Crypt Main Features

  • Completely free software available for Windows, Linux and MacOS,
  • Integrate itself inside the main right-click menu of the system,
  • Uses strong and powerful AES-256 encryption to protect your files,
  • Supports decryption feature as well,
  • You can use it via GUI or via CLI (Command line interface) as well

In general, AES Crypt is a decent software which you can use to easily encrypt/decrypt files on your computer. It is recommended software to protect your important files even further.

  • User interface: 50
  • Functionality: 60
  • Speed: 70
Total rating: 60%