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One of the best free Anti-virus software

Avast Free Antivirus Icon Avast Free Antivirus 64-bit version


Avast Free Antivirus is a great tool simply because it offers a variety of tools and options to secure your PC from threats from the Internet, email, local files, instant messages and even Peer-to-Peer connections as well.

Download x64 Avast Free Antivirus for Windows

Real-time protection

This free antivirus provides a real-time virus protection of your computer. This feature is also called on-access or resident protection.

That means that Avast is able to completely replace anti-virus programs from well-known companies like Norton or McAfee that charge for their software.

Great antivirus protection

According to independent AV testing company, Avast was the best software in Real-world protection. With 0% false-positives and 100% protection on tests.

When it comes to anti-malware protection, Avast has a moderate number of false-positive recognitions, but overall managed to protect PC well from malware.

Gives you a lot for Free

Avast, among other free antivirus programs, have additional tools which can help protect your PC even more, including the following:

  • SafeZone Browser – Protected browser which automatically strips out ads and supports secured payments through the Bank Mode when you visit a popular payment site.
  • Password Manager – Avast offers you to save the login credentials you enter for secure websites. When you visit a website, it recognizes it and fills out the required credentials if they are previously saved.
  • Phishing Protection – In different independent tests, Avast was one of the best programs that can protect you from phishing attacks from the internet.
  • Wi-Fi Inspector – This tool can check your WLAN network for security problems. It can easily report security status for all the devices detected on your network.
  • Secure Notes – Save protected notes in an effortless way with Avast. Secure Notes allows you to save unformatted text which you can later access across multiple Avast installations as well.

Avast Free Antivirus allows you to get the effective protection of your PC from unwanted online threats completely free of charge.


  • Effective real-time antivirus protection for your PC
  • Has a “heuristics engine” which detects previously unknown threats
  • Allows you to go to silent mode to hide alerts during gaming and/or other full-screen activities


  • May force you to install software during installation
  • You need to extend your registration each year to continue using it for free