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AxCrypt is one of the most popular open source file encryption applications for Windows. It integrates itself seamlessly with the system in order to securely encrypt and protect individual files on your computer.

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A free version of this software supports a strong AES-128 encryption of your files.
Note: To use this software, you would need to create a free account!

AxCrypt Main Features

Strong protection – Free version of this software allows you to protect your files/folders with strong AES-128 encryption keys. This kind of protection is enough for most home users for sure.

Share your files easily – Through this software, you may share secured files easily by choosing the file, clicking the share button and simply select the member you want to share it – simple as that.

  • It is capable to work with cloud services as well,
  • Secured files cannot be modified without detection,
  • It has support for files larger than 4GB,
  • Has a designated password vault where you can securely store your passwords,
  • Available for Windows & Mac OS.

AxCrypt is really easy to use software which you can use to encrypt a file by using either a key file or a password of your choice. It is a great choice for those who want to protect files using a proved AES-128 encryption standard.

AxCrypt Free Rating
  • 7/10
    User Interface - 7/10
  • 6/10
    Functionality - 6/10
  • 8/10
    Speed - 8/10

AxCrypt Summary

AxCrypt is an open source encryption software for Windows operating systems. It allows you to compress, encrypt, decrypt, store, send and work with individual files on your PC easily.