Blender can hold its own against some of the professional 3D animation software currently available. It is an open source project; the community quickly updates the software and add new features and options. It can also output some amazing animations and advanced 3D models.

This software is one of the best programs of its kind. You can do some amazing stuff with it. Below, you can watch video entirely done by Blender:

Agent 327 – A three-minute teaser for a full-length animated feature which is done in Blender.

3D Modelling for Anyone

3D Modelling and 3D Animation software might be complicated for beginners. This is because these kinds of programs usually have a lot of features and a bit strange user interface.

If you are really into 3D Modelling, you should start with a basic stuff. Do not expect you are going to be able to create a Pixar-quality movie in a few days. That is not going to happen.

A Blender is really an amazing tool, especially for the beginners. It is completely free of charge and it has so many options and features right out of the box.

Some Blender features worth to mention

  • 3D modelling, sculpting, materials, textures, UV unwrapping, armatures, rigging, and animation,
  • Particle systems, physics simulations for collisions, fluids, smoke, hair, and cloth,
  • Ray trace-rendering, compositing, video editing, motion tracking,
  • Python scripting, game development,
  • Great and active community and lots of online tutorials.

The main issue with Blender is its steep learning curve – even for experienced modelers. A lot of people are overwhelmed by the UI and the learning curve, but once you get the hang of it there is not much you can’t do in this software.

  • User interface: 70
  • Functionality: 90
  • Speed: 80
Total rating: 80%