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Calibre is a completely free, open source e-book reader, converter and manager, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems with an excellent ebook file support.

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Unlike most free ebook readers, Calibre can open books in AWZ formats. Unfortunately, it won’t let you read DRM-protected books by default.

Main Features of Calibre

This little piece of software even makes it simple to transfer books between your computer and any e-book reader you own – wither wirelessly or via a USB cable.

Calible is able to even automatically convert books into the best possible format when transferring them to your own device!

This software is actively installed on more than 3 million machines, making it the most popular software of this kind.

Thanks to its popularity and usage, it has an amazing set of available plugins which you can install free of charge. With some plugins, you can even read DRM-protected books as well.

It supports all popular file formats and e-book devices. A vast majority of e-book formats also can be edited. You can change the book font, font size, metadata and stuff such as an auto-generated table of contents.

Additionally, you can turn the application into a content server, making your entire library available on all your devices. You can also add new content to this library through the server interface as well.

Metadata through the Calibre can be pulled from many different sources, so you might not have a problem while transferring a book that does not have enough information provided. It is also possible to search the entire library with a great detail – including a full-text search.

  • Supports a variety of e-book file formats,
  • Open-source software with regular updates and support for new devices,
  • Effective, fast and functional e-book conversion engine,
  • A third-party plugin support,
  • Automatic metadata download from multiple sources,
  • Integrated web interface to access from your network,
  • Fast and stable work on all popular platforms.

In general, Calibre is really the most powerful digital e-book management software for your system. It allows you to read all popular formats on your PC, convert them for your devices and even store them on the cloud service.

Calibre Rating
  • 7/10
    User Interface - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Functionality - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Speed - 8/10

Calibre Summary

Calibre is a very powerful and easy to use open-source e-book management software. It allows you to do everything with your e-book collection and helps you manage it with ease.