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Clean unnecessary junk files from your computer

CCleaner Icon CCleaner 64-bit version


CCleaner is the most popular PC maintenance software and it is completely free! It is able to clean junk files, Windows registry, uninstall software, and even control start-up processes easily. It does an excellent job of clearing up disk space from all the junk files on your computer that are collected over time.

Download x64 CCleaner for Windows

64-bit CCleaner is automatically installed, once the installer detects you are using an appropriate system. This software clears your systems of all unnecessary files, often identifying and removing several gigabytes off your drive.

Several clean-up sections bundled into this software:

  • Registry cleaner – Windows Registry is a collection of databases of configuration settings in all Windows operating systems. CCleaner can remove obsolete entries to your Registry and leave up more work for the system to be more efficient.
  • Web browser cleaner – A browser cleaner, bundled in this amazing software is able to remove temporary internet files, web browsing history, cookies, download, and form history. Optionally, you can even remove saved passwords, compact databases, site preferences, and saved form information.
  • Native Windows app – It is able to clear the Recycle Bin, Recent document logs, temporary and log files, clipboard entries, DNS cache of your PC, old error reporting messages, memory dumps, and jump lists.
  • Remove junk from other programs – Here are some third-party apps which are supported by CCleaner right now: Windows Store, Adobe and Foxit PDF readers, Google Earth, Microsoft Office suite, Notepad++, FileZilla, Internet Download Manager, uTorrent, Java, Media Player Classic, VLC, Windows Media Player, 7-Zip, TeamViewer and more.

In general, CCleaner is a little software that does the job properly. We would absolutely recommend you to download and use this app.


  • Simple user interface
  • Support for many third-party applications
  • Windows Registry cleaner
  • Extremely fast cleanup engine


  • In-app advertisements
  • Default Windows startup option