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Effective internet security software

Comodo Internet Security Icon Comodo Internet Security 64-bit version


Comodo Internet Security Free is an award-winning anti-virus and security system application for Windows operating systems. This free version includes antivirus and security system in one single application.

Download x64 Comodo Internet Security for Windows

The internet security package offers real-time protection from known malware and viruses you might find on your computer. It also offers you a sandbox mode for applications it founds untrusted to prevent it from infecting your computer.

Comodo Free Antivirus

Internet Security suite combines antivirus and Firewall tools to stop viruses and malware before they even enter your computer.

Unlike most free alternatives, it offers a protected sandbox mode for untrusted applications on your computer. Ensuring viruses and any other malicious software are isolated from the rest of your computer and this way protecting your data.

Comodo Internet Security Free also gives you a free cloud-based protection, including antivirus scanning – even if a user does not have up-to-date virus definitions. Additionally, malware scanning and whitelisting of trusted publishers is done via cloud infrastructure as well.

It also allows you to fully customize the scanning process. Featuring automatic scanning and on-demand scans, both folders and files are supported.

Comodo Free Firewall

CIS also includes the effective Comodo Firewall which can block all inbound or outbound connection attempts on your PC.

Unlike most free security system applications, Comodo allows you to completely control which programs are permitted to access the internet – including inbound or outbound access per software on your computer.

Comodo Internet Security stealth the ports on your computer in the background so hackers cannot locate and attack your PC.


  • A lot of available features
  • Comes with firewall
  • Effective sandbox app tool
  • Solid malware protection


  • Might use a decent amout of resources
  • Phishing protection is below average