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Monitor CPU temperatures easily

Core Temp Icon Core Temp 64-bit version


Core Temp is a little software which is capable of display a temperature of each individual core of every CPU installed on your motherboard. Temperatures are displayed in real-time with useful information about them.

Download x64 Core Temp for Windows

This little program supports processors from all tree CPU manufacturers, including Intel, AMD, and even VIA. This utility makes it easy to monitor the temperature of any modern x86-based processor.

Core Temp Info

The temperature readings are pretty accurate because the data is collected straight from a Digital Thermal Sensor, located in each individual processing core – near the hottest part of it.

DTS (Digital Thermal Sensor) is developed by Intel for accurate temperature readings of each of the cores inside CPU. This feature is implemented in Core 2 Duo and later processors with multiple cores.

The sensor is digital, meaning it does not rely on an external circuit located on the motherboard to report temperature, instead it is stored in a special register in the CPU so the software (including OS) can access and read it if necessary.

Core Temp supports all major processors from Intel, AMD, and VIA manufacturers.

Main Features of Core Temp

  • Accurate CPU temperature readings,
  • Displaying min and max recordings per CPU core,
  • Real-time usage and temperature monitoring,
  • Has overheating notification support,
  • Customizable taskbar icon and settings,
  • Supports all major processors,
  • Use extremely low resources of your system.

Core Temp also supports third-party add-ons which you can install in this software. Additionally, it is available in multiple languages. It is really a neat application with which you can easily read and monitor CPU temperatures in one click.


  • Low resource footprint
  • Extremely fast software
  • Accurate temperature monitoring


  • User interface is a bit outdated