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Get all information about your CPU

CPU-Z Icon CPU-Z 64-bit version


CPU-Z is a free software which is capable to quickly gather information regarding some of the most important hardware of your computer. Including in-depth info about CPU and GPU, and other simple information about motherboard, memory etc.

Download x64 CPU-Z for Windows

Behind it’s minimalistic (and phenomenal) user interface, this little piece of software hides some extremely powerful and effective information and features for every serious computer user out there.

It’s updated regularly for years and it supports the majority of CPU and chipsets currently available on the market. Giving you an opportunity to access the processor bus frequencies, CPU voltage, RAM frequency and timings – all of that in real-time via SPD.

The CPU-Z utility can present detailed information regarding the memory modules in your computer by using an SPD (Serial Presence Detect) feature. Thanks to this feature, you might be sure to get the “real” picture of your memory modules.

CPU-Z main features

  • Free software, which is regularly updated,
  • Contains up-to-date detailed information about your CPU,
  • Information about Caches, Motherboard, GPU, and RAM is also presented,
  • Clean and easy to use user interface,
  • Ability to export gathered information in TXT or HTML,
  • Perform simple CPU stress and CPU benchmark tests,
  • Submit your benchmark score or compare it with others within the app.

While CPU-Z might not be for every single computer user out there, there are a lot of those who simply love this little program. In general, it contains an impressive collection of raw data in an easy-to-read format – giving you an opportunity to export all the information in TXT and HTML formats as well.


  • In-depth info regarding your CPU and GPU
  • Supports most processors and chipsets
  • Real-time measurment of each core stats


  • Presented data might be confusing for novice users