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Ditto is a simple lightweight software which extends your Windows clipboard capabilities. It practically saves each item placed on your clipboard allowing you access to these items anytime later.

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This little application allows you to save practically any type of information that may be used by the Clipboard. Including regular text, images, HTML and even custom formats.

Why use Ditto?

By default, Windows Clipboard is capable of saving and working with one type of data at a time. Ditto is a simple application that easily extends this functionality with ease.

It is an actively developed software with an amazing set of features when it comes to this kind of software.

Ditto has easy to use interface with a very effective search engine inside the application, where you can easily search for clipboard entries within seconds.

This application uses SQLite database for storing entries and it is capable to keep multiple clipboards in synchronization. The data transfer is encrypted when sent over the network as well.

Ditto has full Unicode support and UTF-8 support for language files as well. This means it should handle any foreign characters right outside of the box.

It is accessed easily through the system tray icon where you can easily select the active clipboard values and paste them easily anywhere you want. Additionally, you can do that from the global hotkey.

One of the most attractive features of Ditto is its capability to work with almost any kind of data. This includes photos (with thumbnail preview support), files, text and practically any other file/type you could imagine.

In general, this is a must-have software for all those who copy-paste stuff extensively during the everyday work on their computers.

Ditto Rating
  • 7/10
    User Interface - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Functionality - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Speed - 8/10

Ditto Summary

Never lose your Clipboard entries again on your Windows PC. Ditto is an effective, free and fast software which extends functionality and productivity of the standard Windows Clipboard software.