DWG is a file format used for storing 2D and 3D data and metadata. DWG FastView is user-friendly CAD viewer program which you can use completely for free.

DWG FastView for Windows

When you open the program, it shows a minimal user interface with only a few buttons on the upper left, right, and lower-right corners.

Clicking on the button on the upper left corner allows you to open compatible formats, which you can view through this program. Supported formats are:

  • .DWG or .DXF versions R14 to 2015,
  • .DWS Drawing standard format,
  • .DWT Drawing templates from CAD software.

You can open multiple drawings simultaneously, and FastView is blazingly fast. Each drawing has its own tab, which makes it easy to switch from one to another drawing on the same window.

The program works with different objects, including 3D models and 2D vector objects as well. The software works with meshes, surfaces and might display full object information and draw references as well. You can also highlight object/s.

You can also work with layers within the program. Allowing you to turn the specific layers on or off. Additionally, supports locking, freezing, or unlocking the layers.

DWG FastView includes traditional panning and viewing tools, as well as an innovative magnifier tool which enables you to zoom into required objects easily. The magnifier tool allows you to zoom easily by pointing and clicking. This tool is especially useful when viewing large drawings.

It is fast and accurate tool for viewing large DWG files easily and for free on your computer.

  • User interface: 70
  • Functionality: 65
  • Speed: 75
Total rating: 70%