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eM Client is a full-featured and fully functional free e-mail client for Windows with an easy-to-use interface and integrated calendar and task management within the application. This little software supports all major web services including Google Mail, Exchange, iCloud, and Outlook! It offers you full features for free as well!

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Little more about eM Client

eM Client Free License โ€“ Free license of this software allows you to add up to two different accounts to your clients, with an addition to VIP support and ability to use it commercially. However, you need to register to get it for free.

This client supports all popular web and email protocols as well including POP3, SMTP, IMAP, Exchange, Office 365, Apple iCloud and much more.

Among other email clients on the market, eM Client has several integrated features such as:

  • Beautiful interface โ€“ It has a genuinely nice and easy interface with conversation view and easy email grouping,
  • Delay send โ€“ With this client you can delay or schedule email sending, which is an incredibly good feature for most users,
  • Advanced encryption โ€“ This software can use advanced encryption methods to protect your sent emails,
  • Quick text โ€“ You can easily send emails via predefined text snippets as well,
  • Integrated translator โ€“ When you get an email in a different language, you can easily translate it,
  • Bulk mail โ€“ You can send email on multiple addresses easily via this client,
  • Calendar โ€“ Full-featured calendar with reminders, advanced search, tasks, and beautiful interface,
  • Chat โ€“ Be in touch with your contacts via Google talk, Jabber or any other XMPP based service.

In general, eM Client gives you a lot of features, especially for free customers. It is an ideal email client for customers with a little number of email accounts to follow. Additionally, for the price of 25.00 EUR you will get a lifetime license.

  • User interface: 80
  • Functionality: 75
  • Speed: 75
Total rating: 70%
Overall rating is reduced because of the following reasons.