Everything is a small program that can instantly search through your files and folders – almost instantly. Unlike Windows search, Everything displays every file and folder on your computer.

Everything Screenshot Animation

Search is done as you type in a search keyword (in real-time). You can also limit which files and folders are displayed within the program.

The extremely fast indexing engine

If you wonder how long it takes to index files on your computer, Everything indexes only file and folder names, and because of that, it is extremely fast.

It takes generally a few seconds to build its own index database. For example, a fresh install of Windows 10, which is more than 120.000 files, will take about 1 second to index with this neat software. It will take about 1 minute to index 1.000.000 files on your computer – and that is amazing if you ask me.

Main Everything Features

  • Much faster indexing engine than Windows search,
  • Everything uses low system resources as well,
  • Ability to search file contents within the program,
  • Works with network drives as well,
  • You can limit which type of file to search.

Everything is really a great little application which allows you to instantly find any file on your computer.

  • User interface: 70
  • Functionality: 80
  • Speed: 100
Total rating: 83%