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It’s a version of Mozilla Firefox web browser aimed specifically at web developers and/or web designers. It contains a variety of tools, such as debuggers, panels and other utilities which can help web developers to quickly inspect and use this web browser as a tool – not just a browser.

Firefox Dev Edition Screenshot Animation

The Firefox Developer Edition uses the new dark default theme. The design is extremely narrow and simple as it’s extremely important to find everything briefly while developing.


Valence is a cross-browser debugging tool. This tool allows you to work with a wide array of browsers – from the single place. Right now, Valence targets Chrome (Android) and Safari (iOS) browsers. You can check out more about this tool in official Mozilla video below:

Animation & CSS Filter Tools

There is a new animation and CSS filter tools panel inside the Page Inspector tool. Via this panel, you can easy pause, scrub and visualize each CSS animation directly on a website.

The Page Inspector’s Animations view displays animations in the page synchronized along a timeline, with a draggable widget you can use to move to any point in the timeline and see the page at that point.

Once you’ve found the animation you want, the visual cubic-bezier editor (shown in the video above) is just a click away. Packed with useful pre-sets, the editor will ensure your animation moves perfectly.

There is also an advanced editor for modern CSS filters, allowing you to visually add, remove, re-order and adjust filters in real-time directly on the page.

Other Firefox Developer Edition Features

  • Eyedropper – Tool which enables you to select colours in the current page with pixel precision,
  • Developer Toolbar – Command-line access to several developer tools within Firefox,
  • Memory Tool – Lets you take a snapshot of the current tab’s memory heap,
  • DOM Property Viewer – Inspect the properties of the DOM as an expandable tree structure,
  • Scratchpad – Provides an environment for experimenting with JavaScript code.

Regular, core tools include page inspector, web console, network monitor and performance tool. This is really an amazing web browser to use as a web developer and we absolutely recommend it.

  • User interface: 80
  • Functionality: 85
  • Speed: 70
Total rating: 78%