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Franz is a full-featured messaging app that combines multiple chat & messaging services into one simple application. Supports the most popular services, such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, and many more.

Franz Messaging App

This application is capable to combine multiple chat services and messaging protocols under one interface, with official support for more than seventy different services that you can download and install for free.

Some of the most popular services, integrated into this software are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Slack, Skype, Android Messages, Telegram, LinkedIn, Google Hangouts, Instagram, and many more.

In Franz, all services work in a dedicated sandbox environment, meaning you can add and regularly use 10 different Facebook Messenger accounts at once – if for some reason you need to do such a thing.

Franz Main Features

  • Choose from more than 70 chat/messaging services,
  • Notifications are integrated into your system,
  • Simple and effective user interface, with dark mode support,
  • Cloud-based infrastructure,
  • Sandbox work mode, allowing you to add more than one service of the same type

However, the free version of this software allows you to use up to 3 services at a time. Might have in-app advertisements and limited functionality of the software.

In general, it is a fine software and it might be perfect for you if you use only a few services and do not expect a lot of stuff when it comes to settings and customizations.

  • User interface: 80
  • Functionality: 65
  • Speed: 80
Total rating: 61%
Overall rating is reduced because of the following reasons.