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Since the first release, Google Chrome has gained popularity to the point where it has the largest share of global internet usage. Chrome holds Google’s reputation of innovation and industry dominance.

In late April of 2014, Chrome has released a 64-bit version of their web browser for Windows operating systems. According to Google, the switch to the 64-bit version of the Chrome browser provides an improvement in rendering speed and an average improvement of 25% in graphics and multimedia content.

Google Chrome Browser

Thanks to the 64-bit architecture, Chrome can use features such as High Entropy ASLR and improve defences against JIT spraying, which should make the browser significantly more secure against some vulnerabilities. Google says that Chrome’s 64-bit process of rendering is twice as stable as the 32-bit version – it only crashes about half as much.

Since its release, Google Chrome has a reputation for being fast and stable. Thanks to the native 64-bit architecture support, Google Chrome is extremely stable and fast in everyday work. Chrome has one of the most efficient memory management and multi-threading engines.

Integrated Google search features

Rather than typing search queries in the right box and search engines, Google invented the Omnibox feature which allows users to instantly search (and preview) queries straight from the browser address bar.

Omnibox is an excellent feature and allows users to instantly search the web (or other websites), without leaving the current page. This is a huge time saver and that is because all other popular browsers have the similar feature included in their web browsers.

Chrome introduced “sandboxed” tabbed browsing, meaning what you do in one tab, it won’t affect other tabs at all. This means a hanging website does not crash your whole browser, but only the problematic tab instead.

Tons of available extensions

There are thousands of available extensions which you can use to extend the functionality of your web browser. You can download them through the Chrome Web Store.

Some of the most useful extensions for us are:

  • Birwarden – Great way to securely store passwords and automatically login on websites
  • Pocket – Save videos, articles, and other stuff you find on the internet with Pocket
  • Checker Plus for Gmail – One of the best e-mail notifier tools currently available
  • Improved Tube Plus – Improve your YouTube functionality with this useful extension
  • Grammarly – Amazing grammar-checker extension for Chrome.

According to our tests, Google Chrome was #1 web browser in HTML5 test and second-best browser in CSS3 support. In these tests, we tested Edge, Firefox, and Safari web browsers.

  • User interface: 80
  • Functionality: 90
  • Speed: 75
Total rating: 82%