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Pro PC hardware info and diagnostic tool

HWiNFO Icon HWiNFO 64-bit version


HWiNFO is a completely free system information tool for Windows OS that gives you a quick overview (and a detailed look), at all of your's PC hardware components.

Download x64 HWiNFO for Windows

You can easily export full or custom reports, use HWiNFO on a portable device, and monitor various hardware pieces in real-time.


HWiNFO focuses on hardware alone. It does so by categorizing all the information it gathers into ten sections: CPU, motherboard, memory, bus, video adapter, monitor, drives, audio, network, and ports.

This system-information utility scans your computer and displays an incredible amount of relevant data about it, as well as the items plugged into it. HWInfo64 lacks PC Wizard's benchmarking tools, but its plentiful results, useful data widget, and real-time system monitoring make it an application you should download.

Clicking the Sensor icon lets you check out your PC's core temperature and other sensor-related data with ease.

  • CPU Details - Brand name, frequency, number of cores and logical CPUs, thermal design power, max. and current clock speed, L cache sizes, supported technologies and more
  • Motherboard Details - BIOS information (version, bios features etc.), Number of used slots on motherboard, brand name and model, supported USB and a lot more
  • GPU Details - Video chipset codename, memory amount and usage, GPU chipset, BUS, BIOS version and revision number
  • Thermal Details - It has a real-time temperature monitor for CPU, HDD, Motherboard, Network card, GPU and RAM
  • Other Details - Includes information regarding your PC monitor, external/internal drives, audio adapters, drivers, memory serial numbers, general network information etc.


  • Easy to read and navigate
  • Fully-detailed results
  • Export results with ease
  • Extendable through extensions
  • DOS and Portable versions available


  • Does not include as much detail as some competitors