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HxD is a small hex editing application, carefully designed to be fast and effective. It uses system resources well and might handle large files with ease as well.

HxD Screenshot Animation

This application features easy-to-use interface with ability to quickly find, replace, export, and add byte patterns. It also allows you to split large files into two or more parts and much more.

Please note that editing data via hex editor can permanently corrupt the edited files if you don’t know what you are doing!

It can open files larger than 4 GiB and open and edit the raw contents of disk drives, as well as display and edit the memory used by running processes.

HxD Main Features

  • Integrated memory editor with foldable memory sections,
  • It can open and work with extremely large files,
  • Uses partial file loading to boost performance and usage,
  • Search and replace function (Unicode strings, floats, or integers),
  • Check and calculate checksums and hashes,
  • File shredder for secure file deletion,
  • Byte-by-byte file comparison feature,
  • Ability to import/export HEX files,
  • Export data into multiple source-code formats,
  • Statistical view integration

HxD is really an amazing small software which allows you to quickly inspect and edit raw file formats with ease. We would recommend you use it.

  • User interface: 50
  • Functionality: 70
  • Speed: 100
Total rating: 73%