Inkscape is an amazing open-source software for creating scalable graphics that won’t lose quality when you resize them – also known as vectors. It is a free alternative to the most popular vector-editing tool Adobe Illustrator.

This vector illustration software is compatible with SVG file format, but can also work with EPS, PostScript, JPG, PNG, and other popular file formats. Inkscape provides several different tools, shapes, paths, text, markers, clones, gradients, patterns, and groups.

It also supports metadata, layers, complex paths, image tracking, direct XML editing and much more. The program itself has a steep learning curve and you might have some troubles to find an option you need at first. However, the most popular options are there. As powerful as Inscape is, it doesn’t match the full range of features of Illustrator.

Above the working area, several toolbars can be shown or hidden. Personally, I hide the Snap Controls Bar, preferring to use that space for the Commands Bar and Tool Controls Bar.

The Tool Controls Bar changes the options that it displays depending on the tool that is currently active, allowing the way the active tool operates to be changed quickly and easily. Other palettes, such Layers and Fill and Stroke can be displayed in collapsible format to the right-hand side of the working area.

Inkscape PROS

  • Support for extensions to add new or fix current options inside the application,
  • An amazing file type support,
  • An enormous collection of vector-editing tools.

Inkscape CONS

  • Old, unappealing, and confusing user interface – especially for beginners,
  • Lack of Print CMYK colour format and Ad boards,
  • Some file export issues and compatibility with other software.

The applications could really use some update to become more appealing. A lot of beginners find it a bit confusing and with a slower workflow compared with the competition. Overall, Inkscape is a particularly good vector editing software, which offers you a lot of functions – especially for free.

  • User interface: 70
  • Functionality: 80
  • Speed: 70
Total rating: 73%