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IrfanView is an extremely popular free image viewing software. It was the first Windows graphic viewer with Multiple GIF support (animated) and one of the first ones with Multipage TIF support as well. It is free for private, educational, and non-commercial usage.

IrfanView Screenshot Animation

IrfanView is well known for its low system resource usage and smooth work. It is also capable to open different graphics formats and works extremely fast.

IrfanView Image Viewer

64-bit version of this software can open quite large images and works faster for exceptionally large images (from 25 Megapixels and up).

This free software also has decent plugins which you can install and extend IrfanView functionality. These plugins allow you to open various file formats, add special effects to your photos and extend the overall functionality of the software.

This image viewer comes with a simple paint feature which allows you to draw lines, arrows, circles or simply to add text to your images. You can easily save slideshow as Windows executable file and burn it to your CD or Flash Drive.

It comes with an amazingly fast and advanced batch features as well. You can easily apply batch conversion to multiple files without problems, crop and edit EXIF dates or even change colour depth scan in batch mode.

Additionally, it can extract icons from EXE, DLL or ICL files as well.

IrfanView Main Features

  • Many supported file formats out of the box,
  • Multiple languages with Unicode support,
  • Support for Adobe Photoshop Filters Fast directory view,
  • Batch conversion and options,
  • Add effects to your images with ease,
  • Low system resource usage,
  • Command line support,
  • Completely free software

IrfanView is really one of the most powerful image viewers for Windows. It is popular because of its support for different formats and fast rendering.

  • User interface: 70
  • Functionality: 75
  • Speed: 100
Total rating: 82%