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Easily identify colors on your screen

Just Color Picker Icon Just Color Picker 64-bit version


With Just Color Picker graphic designers, digital artists and web designers may see colours and colour combinations they would use in their projects. This tool is designed to easily identify the colours, editing, and saving them into colourful combinations which you can use later.

Download x64 Just Color Picker for Windows

Just Color Picker supports most widely used colour code formats. Including HTML, HEX, RGB, HSB/HSV, HSL, CMYK and Delphi colour codes.

With this neat tool, you can easily find the colour codes for any colour on your screen and copy its value to the Clipboard. Additionally, you can view similar colour contrast and adjust the RGB or HSV values with ease.

Compact and extended user interface

To pick a colour and its code, you should choose the desired format in the code format list, then pin the mouse cursor anywhere on your screen and then press the hotkey to easily capture that specific colour. The default hotkey is Alt+X.

Just Color Picker allows you to run in two different interfaces. Allowing you to easily capture the colours of your screen. All the colours you have picked since you launched the program are displayed in the colour list on the right window side. This way, you can select any previous colour you’ve picked since the program start.

If you want more control, you can use extended user interface. This way you will see more information about picked colours. From this window, you can easily edit colours or even see a few colours that may be a good combination with the last-picked or currently edited colour.

Useful built-in tools

Code-to-Colour Tool: This software comes with a great tool which can convert colour codes. Just Color Picker can convert HTML, RGB, and HEX colour codes by simply entering the colour value and pressing the Enter on your keyboard.

Show CSS code: Through this option, you can easily display CSS colour values for any colour you want. This option affects the HTML, RGB and HSL colour formats.

Colour Wheels Tool: This tool displays RGB, CMY and RYB colour wheels for the most recent or selected colour. The colour wheels have the selected colour, together with triads and complementary colours marked within the window.

Text Tool: This tool helps to find out quickly how specific combination of font colour matches the background. This tool becomes available when you pick two or more colours. It can use any font installed on your computer and you can choose any size you want.

Just Color Picker can open, edit, and save colour swatches from Adobe Photoshop (.aco file format) in HSB and RGB format. It is also able to open, edit and save the colours in GIMP’s palette file (.gpl file format).


  • Effective real-time antivirus protection for your PC
  • Has a “heuristics engine” which detects previously unknown threats
  • Allows you to go to silent mode to hide alerts during gaming and/or other full-screen activities


  • May force you to install software during installation
  • You need to extend your registration each year to continue using it for free