LMMS is a cross-platform music production software with an open-source license. It is well suitable for various kinds of music production and thanks to its simplified user interface, it is a great free solution for beginners.

LMMS Download x64 Version for Windows

A bit unusual name used to stand for Linux MultiMedia Studio simply because at first it was only targeting Linux-based users. The software has multiple different sections to help you easily create your own music files, such as:

  • Piano Roll – Edit melodies in this section,
  • Bassline Editor – Create and adjust rhythms section,
  • Song Editor – Easily view structure and overview of your production,
  • FX Mixer – Mix and match parts from other section,
  • Automation Editor – Apply automatic effects and volume adjustments in this section.

Among other features of LMMS, this free software stands out with its decent compatibility with third-party apps. The software has support for VST and LADSPA plugins, making sure you can mix some phenomenal additional effects into your own music tracks.

When it comes to exporting formats, this software is capable to export as MP3, WAV and AIFF file format.

LMMS Main Features

  • Simple and easy interface, suitable for beginners,
  • Supported playback via MIDI device or keyboard,
  • Import and edit MIDI files and Hydrogen projects,
  • Supports most VST third-party plugins,

LMSS is really a decent software which may be especially useful for beginners thanks to its user interface and bundled features. It won’t be enough for the professional usage, but it’s certainly worth of a try.

  • User interface: 70
  • Functionality: 65
  • Speed: 70
Total rating: 68%