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LockHunter is a small utility which helps you delete “locked” files on your Windows operating system. Thanks to this little program you will be able to delete almost any file – without worrying if the program is running or not.

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Unlike most other similar tools, LockHunter is able to delete files directly into the Recycle Bin of your OS – just because you may restore them if they were deleted by mistake.

This program uses several techniques to quit, close and delete programs which cause your file/folder to lock itself. It is able also forcibly delete files on your next Windows boot – if it is not able to delete it momentarily. This option can be chosen from the main menu.

With it, you can also check out the “More details” option which can display many hidden details of the selected process, such as ID, Windows service name and even a process command line.

The only downside for us is a bit old user interface, but thanks to the simple purpose it does not need to have some complicated menus and options.

LockHunter Main Features

  • It is able to show processes to locked file or folder,
  • Allowing you to easily delete, copy, rename and unlock a locked file on your system,
  • Gives you out an option to kill processes by force,
  • Integrates itself into Windows shell so you can access it easily,
  • Deletes files into the recycle bin so you may restore them if necessary,
  • Option to check for updates manually and automatically,
  • Works on multiple Windows versions, including native support for 64-bit OS.

In general, LockHunter is really a neat application which can be useful for most users. It is completely free and demands extremely low resources to operate. It is definitely one of the essential utilities to have installed on your Windows.

LockHunter Rating
  • 6/10
    User Interface - 6/10
  • 7/10
    Functionality - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Speed - 8/10

LockHunter Summary

An incredibly useful Windows software that ensures you will always be able to remove files and folders that File Explorer (or Windows itself) refuses to delete or remove from your system. A great little software to manipulate a file or a folder lock protection.