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Remove malware threats on your PC

Malwarebytes Free Icon Malwarebytes Free 64-bit version


Malwarebytes is not a traditional antivirus protection software. This anti-malware focus on catching the newest threats that other antivirus companies may not have caught yet. It is known to be one of the most effective anti-malware software you might use.

Download x64 Malwarebytes Free for Windows

Unlike the premium version, Malwarebytes Free does not let you to schedule scans. You will have to manually open the program and click on the Scan button each time you want to check out for malware on your computer. Additionally, free users do not have real-time protection, which is able to stop malware before it infects your PC.

After scanning, Malwarebytes will list the suspicious items on your computer and you if you would like to either put them in quarantine or ignore them from all scans in the future. Quarantine is a place where software put the files securely, so you can always restore them.

Rootkit detection

This software can scan for rootkits on your hard drive. The scan is disabled by default, most probably because rootkit scans tend to take much longer because of how thorough and intensive your hard disk is.

On their official website, they even recommend the users to schedule anti-rootkit on your weekly scans. You can see how to enable this option here.

Chameleon feature

Among other things, a Chameleon tool is a free tool which may protect your computer against forms of malware that try to disable anti-malware programs on the computer they infect.

This feature successfully disguises Malwarebytes so that similar malicious programs can’t find it. It can work even if you can’t install or access the program. When you open the Chameleon, it will launch the Anti-Malware protection itself.

Malwarebytes Free - despite it does not have a quick scan, scan scheduler, email/website support and automatic definition updates – it is a must-have security tool for every computer.


  • Great compatibility with other antivirus sofware
  • The most powerful anti-malware removal engine


  • Quick scan is not available for free
  • You need to manually update definitions