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Nomacs is an open source image viewer that lets you view all common image formats. Additionally, it supports even RAW and PSD file formats as well.

Nomacs is a free image viewer with notable features

This free software is a particularly good replacement to default Windows photo viewer. You can even perform light image editing and adjustments with this app.

With only a few clicks, you will be able to apply effects. Here are some effects which you can apply to your images with ease:

  • Grayscale – Apply black & white effect on your photos easily,
  • Auto Adjust and Normalize Image options helps you to automatically adjust images you want,
  • Effects to easily flip image horizontally or vertically, as well as rotating them,
  • Apply Threshold, Exposure and Sharpen effects,
  • Setting Hue/Saturation levels.

Additionally, you can easily Corp or Resize the images you are viewing as well!

There is also a great slideshow feature. A slideshow will start displaying one by one of all the images in your folder. You can also easily click the play button to start automatic slideshow playback as well.

Nomacs key features

  • Simple and easy to use user interface,
  • Supports most common image formats, including RAW and PSD as well,
  • Allowing you to view images from ZIP files or via LAN,
  • Extremely fast rendering engine which allows you to instantly view images,
  • Has several useful image adjustment tools integrated,
  • Allows you to quickly apply effects to your images,
  • Has advanced cache method which allows you to instantly switch between images.

There are several integrated panels that you can use within the software. With these panels, you can easily open the images from the program itself or even see displayed metadata information of the image you are viewing.

Nomacs has more than enough features that an ideal image viewer should have. It is also extremely fast and comes with a quite simple user interface.

  • User interface: 75
  • Functionality: 80
  • Speed: 85
Total rating: 80%