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OBS Studio is a completely free and open source software, designed for video recording and live video streaming from your desktop PC. OBS has no watermarks or other limitations and can be used commercially with no restrictions.

OBS Studio Screenshot Animation

This software is capable to broadcast your gaming streams to online platforms like Twitch or YouTube. Even though it offers a lot of features and options, it is too much for anyone who wants to capture their own game sessions quickly and easily.

Unlike some other apps of this kind, OBS Studio does not bother you with an in-game overlay information and does its work in the background – at your command.

This is one of the best free tools for streamers out there. Everything you might need is here, including a picture-in-picture webcam integration, personalized watermarks support and much other “cool” things.

You can also download a third-party extension to add some new effects and functions to this software as well. There are hundreds of available free extensions which you can download and use right now.

Main OBS Studio Features

  • It’s completely free and open-source software, available for multiple platforms as well,
  • Designed for streaming games on online services,
  • Excellent support for multiple layers to fill up your screen,
  • Ability to work extremely well with multiple sources,
  • Works great with Twitch and YouTube,
  • Amazing variety of available functions and options within the software.

Using OBS Studio you can not only record directly from one source (webcam or microphone), you can easily incorporate footage from other games, add existing videos and static images, capture a portion of your screen and much more!

All of this and much more is available completely for free. However, it has a moderate learning curve, but once you get over it you can do wonders with this software.

  • User interface: 70
  • Functionality: 85
  • Speed: 85
Total rating: 80%