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Watch any multimedia format you might find

PotPlayer Icon PotPlayer 64-bit version


PotPlayer is an awesome free media player for Windows. It can play all media files without requiring additional codecs yet supports OpenCodecs and can install extra codec packs automatically. It’s easy to use yet rivals complex open-source projects in features and options.

Download x64 PotPlayer for Windows

When it comes to supported playback formats, I have to say it is like the most popular VLC media player. In aspects of integrated options and functionality, it is even better than VLC, so it is no wonder why so many users call it the best media player today.

Install and play anything – out of the box

This free media player plays any video and format you might throw into. All necessary codecs are automatically installed with Potplayer. It is compatible with most known formats, offers filters and effects to make your clips look even better, and can be customized with skins if you’re not a fan of its dark default look.

Potplayer can handle files from your drive, URLs, and FTP servers, digital and analog TVs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays – Practically any file you might want to play on your computer.

Variety of options available

Potplayer has an amazing number of options and support for various advanced playback technologies. Despite its minimalist design, it contains hundreds of available options when you open the Preferences window (F5). In addition to the multimedia player itself, it even includes a screen recorder and TV receiver playback.

Some useful options worth mentioning are:

  • Fully supports subtitles, with a lot of customization options and sync functions
  • Sharpen or Blur videos, adjust levels, mirror, rotate, mirror, and reduce noise with ease
  • Full support for 3D video playback and even a 360-degree videos
  • Amazing live preview playback thumbnails
  • Effective bookmark system which allows you to bookmark your favourite scenes or chapters
  • Supports advanced hardware-based playback acceleration

Potplayer is a media player with a great looking user interface. It has an extensive range of configurable options to choose from and lots of functionality.


  • Smooth video playback on most systems
  • Doesn't require video codecs
  • It can manage files from local storage, URLs, FTP servers and more


  • A lot of options packed in a dated settings interface
  • Forces software updates