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Add many powerful features to Windows

PowerToys for Windows Icon PowerToys for Windows 64-bit version


Microsoft PowerToys is an open-source project aimed to provide better user experience for Windows 10 and 11 users. It includes variety of features that can speed up and improve your everyday work on Microsoft's operating system.

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows

After you download and install the application, you should open the PowerToys settings from the notification area (system tray) by right-clicking on it and select "Settings".

Ultimate Windows Utility

Among other features, this little application has a few very useful and productive features which you might want to use:

🔝 Always on Top - This feature offers an easy way to make any window always on top of other windows. You can easily toggle this feature by pressing:

⊞ Win + CTRL + T

🖰 Find my mouse - This simple feature allows you to quickly find your mouse pointer on your monitor in case you dont see it. This can be activated by double pressing the following combination:


🌢 Color picker - A very fast way to capture colors on your screen. This tool might be extremely useful for photographers, web designers and graphics artists. A very neat system-wide eyedrop tool which works on any application. You can access the color picker by pressing the

⊞ Win + SHIFT + C

🗗 Quick App Launcher - You can now search any application installed on your computer via a quick app launcher from PowerToys. In addition to applications, this tool can quickly find files on your computer. You can access it by pressing the


🖮 Keyboard Manager - There is also one extremely useful utility with which you can remap keyboard shortcuts and/or create a new ones. You can also make any key on your keyboard function as any other key - including special function keys as well. You can access this utility by going to

PowerToys > Settings > Remap Shortcuts

𝌀 PowerRename - There is also an utility with which you can easily rename multiple files at once. With this option enabled, you can right-click on any folders or files in File Explorer and select "PowerRename" option from the context menu.

PowerToys > Settings > PowerRename

🖼 Image Resizer - Another very useful feature is a bulk image resizer and optimzer. It is integrated into the File Explorer and once activated you can select one or more images, right click on them and select "Resize Pictures" from the context menu.

PowerToys > Settings > Image Resizer

There are several other PowerToys available, such as setting a Zone-based Windows on your monitor, Windows Shortcuts Guide, Support for preview SVG images, PDF files and G-code files in File Explorer and much more.

Microsoft PowerToys is an extremely useful and powerful application which can speed up your everyday workflow on Windows. It is constantly updated and maintained by Microsoft. We would absolutely recommend you to try it.


  • Multiple utilities in one package
  • Actively maintained
  • Utilities native to Windows
  • Very fast and stable


  • Nothing