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The best BitTorrent client

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qBittorrent is a well-polished ad-free BitTorrent client which is supported on multiple platforms. It provides all the features average user might need when torrenting.

Download x64 qBittorrent for Windows

There are many available BitTorrent clients available for all platforms. uTorrent is the most popular of them all. Over the years, uTorrent became less popular because of its aggressive advertising policy and lack of new useful features and options.

qBitTorrent has a polished user interface like µTorrent. Best of all, it does not have any advertisements or annoying offers and most options are available only a few clicks away.

Powerful BitTorrent Client

The features of this software closely resemble those of µTorrent, and developers port the same features across all other platforms.

This torrent client covers basics such as selective downloads, prioritization, support for DTH, LPD and Magnet URLs, sequential downloads, and quick search. You can download through µTP or UDP protocol and even covers tracker exchange system, IPv6 seed support and proxy servers as well.

qBittorrent Main Features
  • Functional bandwidth scheduler
  • Full control over torrent trackers
  • IP filtering support
  • Supports IPv6 connections
  • Integrated torrent search engines (Unofficial plugin) *Requires Python
  • Tool for creating torrents
  • Torrent filtering, prioritizing, and queuing
  • Super-seed option to seed torrents faster
  • Available in seventy different languages.

qBittorrent also has an amazing and powerful Web UI. It is almost replicated desktop version. You can easily enable it through the options.

If you are looking for a feature-packed torrent client that covers the essentials without getting overly complicated in the process, qBittorrent is absolute must have. It is constantly updated and extremely easy for usage for any user.


  • Simple and ad-free user interface
  • Has a lot of features
  • Create your own torrent/s
  • Web-based user interface


  • Nothing