Rainmeter is the most popular desktop customization software for Windows. It allows you to add multiple compact applets that float freely on your desktop PC – without eating up your CPU and RAM resources.

This small application was developed back in 2001 and since then its main purpose is to enhance Windows desktop experience. With it, you will be able to keep an eye on your system resources, read e-mail, weather forecasts and more – all from your desktop!

Rainmeter skins can be functional as well, they can record your notes, launch your favourite apps, and control your media – all in clean, unobtrusive UI that you can easily rearrange and customize to your liking.

There are thousands of available skins on the internet, with which you can easily download, install, and use completely free of charge. You can check some of them on websites such as Visual Skins, DeviantArt, or Reddit.

This application occupies extremely low memory, according to tests on my computer – this program was using below 50KB of RAM with multiple skins activated. It is unobtrusive and will never slow your system down.

Rainmeter Main Features

  • Add multiple skins (widgets) to your desktop,
  • Small system resource footprint,
  • Actively developed software with a lot of third-party skins,
  • Using native Windows monitoring feature,
  • Open source and free software

In general, this is an exceptionally good piece of software which has a lot to offer. I would recommend you download and try it on your Windows right now.

  • User interface: 60
  • Functionality: 70
  • Speed: 95
Total rating: 75%