Revo Uninstaller Free is a powerful free software which allows you to uninstall programs on your computer and remove all the traces easily. It works amazingly well, and it can remove the software if you have troubles removing them from default applet in Windows.

Revo Uninstaller has a powerful feature which allows you to forcibly remove leftovers of programs that are already uninstalled or incomplete.

Revo Uninstaller Free

This software is extremely useful when the installation is corrupted and cannot continue further. It is also capable of removing partially installed or interrupted programs as well.

Here are the key features of Revo Uninstaller Freeware:

  • Advanced Uninstall – This software has an amazing scan ability which scans for leftovers of programs that are already uninstalled. It has support for incomplete installations.
  • Junk Cleaner – This section of the program allows you to find and remove several types of junk and unnecessary files from your PC. Cleaning junk files might free a lot of valuable disk space on your own computer.
  • Windows Tools – Revo Uninstaller gives you shortcuts to some useful tools and components bundled with every Windows. This way you have fast one-click access to some of the most useful “hidden” tools in Windows.
  • AutoRun Manager – This tool gives you access to manage software which loads automatically at Windows boot. Managing these programs might increase the speed of booting your Windows operating system in general.
  • Browser Cleaner -This tool allows you to clear the visited pages, address bar history, cookies, and browser cache. Supports Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome web browsers.
  • Evidence Remover – Allowing you to delete files and folders permanently from your computer. Integrated Recycle Bin in Windows OS mark your files as “deleted”, but they are not physically removed from your drive. This tool helps you to permanently delete these files.

In general, Revo Uninstaller Free is useful software for your computer. It helps you to physically remove files from your computer – without leaving the trace of them.

  • User interface: 70
  • Functionality: 80
  • Speed: 85
Total rating: 71%
Overall rating is reduced because of the following reasons.