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SysGauge is a system and performance monitoring utility which allows you to monitor the CPU, memory, network transfer rate and overall system performance.

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The program allows you to monitor operating system in huge detail. Even allowing you to track status and resource usage of each process, USB performance, disk read/write activity, transfer rate and much more.

SysGauge Main Features

The program offers a single and fully customizable GUI module and a number of specialized modules which are designed for individual monitoring tasks, such as system status check, CPU monitoring, RAM monitoring, processes monitoring, disk monitoring or server/network monitoring.

In addition to the ability to monitor the local computer, the software allows you to connect to remote computers and monitor them as well via the network.

You can also save monitoring reports at any time into a number of formats including HTML, PDF, Excel, Txt, CSV and XML. You can also save these reports in automatic intervals.

SysGauge may also alert you if certain metrics cross a threshold. This alert can be done by system sound, warning system messages, or even by email.

System Monitor – Displaying simple system status monitoring GUI module showing the CPU usage, memory usage, the total number of running processes, the total number of running threads, the amount of free system memory, the amount of used system memory, the disk transfer rate and the network transfer rate.

CPU Monitor – Showing the total CPU usage, user CPU usage, kernel CPU usage, CPU interrupt time, CPU interrupt rate, the current CPU frequency, the C1 low-power state, C2 low-power state, and C3 low-power state.

Memory Monitor – Showing the memory usage, the amount of free memory, the amount of used memory, the size of the memory cache, the cache peak size, the cache fault rate, the page file usage, the page file peak usage, and the page fault rate.

Process Monitor – Showing the list of currently running processes and displaying for each process the process CPU usage, the memory usage, the number of threads, the number of handles, the number of process instances, the process data transfer rate, the process read transfer rate, the process write transfer rate, the process page fault rate and the amount of non-paged memory allocated by each running process.

Disk Monitor – Showing the list of logical disks in the computer and displaying the disk activity, the disk space usage, the disk free space, the disk transfer rate, the disk read transfer rate, the disk write transfer rate, the disk IOPS rate, the disk read IOPS rate and the disk write IOPS rate for the currently selected logical disk.

Network Monitor – Showing the list of network interfaces in the computer and displaying the network transfer rate, the network send transfer rate, the network receive transfer rate, the network packets rate, the send packets rate, the receive packets rate, the network output queue length, the number of send packets errors and the number of receive packets errors for the currently selected network interface.

This software is a full-featured monitoring utility for Windows. It is a reliable software which can also monitor remote computers and analyze their performance.

SysGauge Rating
  • 8/10
    User Interface - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Functionality - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Speed - 7/10

SysGauge Summary

SysGauge is a free system monitoring software for Windows. It is capable to monitor your system resources, processes, CPU, memory, drives and much more.