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Teamspeak is the most popular VoIP communication software which enables multiple users to talk to each other at the same time – equivalent of a conference call.

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The primary target of this software are gamers, who can use it to communicate with other players easily while playing online multiplayer games.

Teamspeak VoIP Software

This software allows groups to communicate using voice in real-time. It has been around for quite some time and its one of the leaders in voice collaboration.

It stands out between competition with its good audio quality, a lot of customization options and easy interface. With the free license, you have access to many public servers worldwide.

It is actively developed and a quite stable software, which is designed to use low system resources.

You can use Teamspeak completely free of charge if you don’t intend to go beyond 32 users. In other cases, you would need to host your server by yourself and buy additional licenses.

The user interface is simple at the first look, but it is quite powerful and rich in features once you dig deeper. There is also a large collection of icons and themes for this software, as well as hundreds of available plugins developed over the years.

Default audio quality of Teamspeak is also very good, but with additional third-party plugins, you can integrate new modern features and codecs inside this software. There are plugins for automatic microphone adjustments, cancellation of echo, advanced noise reduction, and many others.

Teamspeak PROS

  • High-quality audio and low latency,
  • A lot of available customization options and features,
  • Free client and server applications available,
  • Has a lot of servers worldwide,
  • A lot of available third-party plugins and extensions,
  • Stable, fast and uses low system resources.

Teamspeak CONS

  • Doesn’t offer video streaming support,
  • Serious usage requires license and custom servers.

Teamspeak is a high-quality VoIP software with a lot of customization options and great documentation. It works amazingly well in most scenarios.

Teamspeak Rating
  • 8/10
    User Interface - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Functionality - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Speed - 9/10

Teamspeak Summary

Teamspeak is one of the best, if not the best VoIP audio communication software currently available today. Available for multiple platforms as well.

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