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Store your data on encrypted volume

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VeraCrypt is free and open-source software for establishing a real-time encrypted volume. Data stored on an encrypted volume can be read only by using the correct password or correct encryption keys.

Download x64 VeraCrypt for Windows

By using this software, the entire file system on the volume is encrypted, including file and folder names, contents on every file, and even the free space! This encryption software allows you to create an encrypted container or even an entire system encrypted system drive. Every file within the container is encrypted with strong encryption.

Create encrypted volume on your drive

While the drive is mounted, VeraCrypt keeps the files temporary in the RAM and sweeps automatically after using it – ensuring that files remain uncompromised and inaccessible without your specific authorization.

Files between mounted VeraCrypt volumes can be copied easily – just like they are copied from/to any normal drive. Protected files are automatically decrypted in your RAM memory. Your RAM memory is fast, and by VeraCrypt can use it to provide a quick encryption/decryption operation over your files.

The whole file is not stored in RAM – only the encrypted part. This software never saves any decrypted data to a disk – it only uses your RAM memory, which is temporary. Because of that, even when the volume is mounted, data stored inside it is still encrypted!

There are two types of protection volumes this software provides:

  1. Container (file-hosted) – It is a normal file, which can reside on any type of storage device. It uses a completely independent encrypted virtual disk device.
  2. Device hosted volume – It is a hard disk partition encrypted using VeraCrypt. You can also encrypt entire disks as well

VeraCrypt can use multiple encryption algorithms in its work, including the popular AES encryption as well. In general, this is a quality file/drive encryption software for your Windows operating system. It is recommended to use it if you need strong protection of your files.


  • Effectively ecrypt and archive your digital files
  • Uses professional encryption methods


  • A bit messy user interface