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Visual Studio Code is one of the best, if not the best free Integrated Development Environment (IDE) available at this moment. VS Code is extremely easy to set and use as well.

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It is filled with awesome options and features and its updated regularly. There are many available plugins which can help you code in almost any available language.

You can customize Visual Studio Code to suit all your needs. There are a lot of available extensions completely for free. With these, you can easily install these you would use. Out of the box, VS Code supports syntax highlighting, bracket matching and powerful code snippets for the most popular programming languages.

Additionally, you can switch to side by side editing, which allows you to edit two files at once. This IDE also has an integrated full support for Git/TFS so you can easily make commits and pushes to these file version control services.

The preview feature is also integrated into the software. We can easily mark the code and check the preview in real-time. Debugging with support for breakpoints is also integrated into Visual Studio Code, so we can easily solve issues in our code.

Visual Studio Code cheat sheets (PDF)

This IDE also comes with a built-in integrated terminal which can be run in your choice of shell. Everything is done with care and runs fast together.

  • User interface: 90
  • Functionality: 95
  • Speed: 80
Total rating: 88%