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Powerful virtualization software with a lot of options

VM VirtualBox Icon VM VirtualBox 64-bit version


Oracle VM VirtualBox is a quite powerful x86 and Intel64/AMD64 virtualization software for home and enterprise usage as well. This is the most popular and the most feature-rich programs among free software.

Download x64 VirtualBox for Windows

VirtualBox runs almost any version of Windows, Linux, and most other Intel-based operating systems on a Mac, Windows, or Linux desktop.

Oracle VM VirtualBox

Some features from Fusion and Parallels aren’t available in VirtualBox as it can’t print automatically to the host printer and requires manual setups OS integration features. It is the best tool to test new operating systems, specialized software or emulate scenarios that can occur within a deeply controlled environment. It is free and it does not cost anything!

It is an amazingly fast software which is quite easy to set up and start your project. It’s enough to simply select the ISO file of your OS you want to virtualize, and VirtualBox will do the rest – simple as that!

It also allows you to integrate your host OS with your virtualized one by using a Guest-addon extension which you can install within the application. This little tool allows you to share the files between the systems and featuring the full-screen option as well. However, we have had a few problems installing it on some Linux distribution.

VirtualBox is an extremely popular virtualization software and you may find a lot of tutorials and guides online if you ever find a problem using it.

In general, VM VirtualBox is one of the most powerful free virtualization programs. Allowing you to virtualize and work with different operating systems under different conditions.


  • Quality virtualization engine
  • Running multiple VM's with ease
  • Compatibility with older systems
  • A lot of control over the configuration of the virtual machines


  • Dated user interface
  • Settings might be confused for beginners