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Zeal is a simple offline documentation browser which is inspired by Dash – a popular offline documentation software for Mac devices.

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This little software supports almost 200 different documentation sets. All popular programming languages and frameworks are supported.

Zeal Docs Features

We can think of it as a simple offline documentation archive database – stored on your device, which you can access quickly anytime and search for certain functions.

  • Access to close to 200 available docsetsĀ from your pc and without the internet connection,
  • Simple and easy to use interface and extremely fast,
  • Search through the database with an effective and fast search engine,
  • You can customize fonts and even disable small ad on the main window as well through program preferences,
  • All documentation sets have been generated and provided by Dash.io,
  • There are available extensions for the most popular IDEs, such as Visual Studio, Atom or VIM

However, I would like to see some other features, such as the snippet manager and bookmark integration within the software.

In general, this might be a really useful tool for most developers simply because they may carry and access the full documentation for their favorite programming language without accessing the internet.

Zeal Rating
  • 8/10
    User Interface - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Functionality - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Speed - 8/10

Zeal Summary

Zeal is a lightweight software for Windows and Linux OS with which you can access to more than 200 docsets while offline. Carry out the documentation for Angular, PHP, C, Java, and other languages and frameworks wherever you go.